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Libros de JL MEJIA

The first book published by Jose Luis Mejia was "Para Atrapar Una Luciérnaga Amarilla" ("To Catch a Yellow Firefly", 1998), and did so under his own label, "Poetas En Busca de Editor". He showed his handling of a variety of strophic forms including sonnets, haikus, couplets, "decimas" and "sextinas". In 2002 and 2004 published two new poetry collections, "Talvez una primavera" ("Perhaps a spring") y "Solo sonetos solos" ("Only Sonnets on their Own").

In 2004 the publisher Santillana (Alfaguara) printed his first children's book, "La granja de don Hilario" ("Don Hilario's farm"), which was followed by the titles "Números" ("Numbers", 2005), "Se nos perdió el alfabeto" ("The alphabet is lost", 2007), "Don Hilario y sus mascotas" ("Don Hilario and Pets", 2008), "Josefa y los opuestos" ("Josefa and opposites", 2009), "Josefa y los tamaños" ("Josefa and sizes", 2009), "Fernanda y los colores" ("Fernanda and colors", 2009) and "Benjamín y las formas" ("Benjamin and forms", 2009).

The year 2006 venturing into youth literature with publications in Santillana ("Cartas a María Elena" -"Letters to Maria Elena"-) and Norma ("Un tal Pedro" -"A certain Pedro"-), which will continue with "Cuídate, Claudia, cuando estés conmigo" ("Be careful, Claudia, when you are with me", 2007) and "Imperial" ("Imperial", 2008).

His books are available in www.PeruBookStore.com.